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Every person you tell about the Z4 Beauty Club is important to us (even if they only create a free account and never make a purchase).  For this reason we offer the MOST sophisticated user reward program in the beauty industry. The more traffic you send our way, the more opportunities we can create for salon and stylist partners (and the more money you will make, FOREVER).


Direct traffic to the Z4 Beauty Club or create your own private label website powered by TranZ4mation Hair Products.  You market the website and we fulfill the orders.  In fact, as a Gold Member for each person you direct to the website that creates a free account we deposit $1.00 into your account, $90 for Gold upgrades, $60 for Silver upgrades and $30 for VIP upgrades. Transfer the funds into your bank account when you have earned $100 or more in commissions. Conditions do apply. Click here to learn more.


A team of ten hair stylists or salons will earn you $5,400 per month in membership or hair extension commissions with the Z4 Beauty Club.

This projection assumes a minimum of $1,000 in hair extension billings per month per salon/hair stylist and $2,999 in membership billings. If you build a private label website selling Z4 Beauty Club Hair Extensions, you can earn more by setting retail prices higher than the suggested retail price and, or bundling with other beauty services.



You can monitor your referrals and earnings in real-time from your Z4 Beauty Social Rewards dashboard powered by the Pamper Me Network.  Your dashboard looks like the screenshot below. You can also demonstrate it by clicking here